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President: Patty Stocker (patty dot stocker dot ps at gmail dot com)

Vice-President: Daniel Grossberg (danielgrossberg at gmail dot com)

Secretary: Greg Leichty (greg2 dot leichty at gmail dot com)

Treasurer: Bruce Maples (membership at metrodems dot com)

Sgt-at-Arms: Jamie Moe (jmoel77 at gmail dot com)

Board Members

Ray Crider (rcrider2 at gmail dot com)

Brenda Erickson (brendaerickson1 at att dot net)

Vitalis Lanshima (vitalislanshima at gmail dot com)

Mike O’Connell (mikeoc49 at gmail dot com)

Jim Stammerman (jstammer64 at aol dot com)

Maria Sorolis (sorolandfamily at gmail dot com)

Mark Webster (mwebster at twc dot com)


Recent Posts

“Ninth Street Divide” – The Film, The Panel

This Wednesday, June 8th, we will be showing the locally-produced documentary “Ninth Street Divide.” Ninth Street is widely regarded as the physical manifestation of the barrier between the East and West ends of Louisville, where urban renewal in the 1960’s led to the rise of expressways and the demolition of African American-owned businesses. This documentary, from the Ky Place series (trailer), features Dana Duncan, Haven Harrington III, Joe Dunman, and Attica Scott discussing ways to reconnect our divided communities.

After the film, a panel of local leaders will lead us in a discussion of the Ninth Street divide, and how we can work together to build new bridges across it. The panel will consist of David JamesHaven Harrington, and Camille Barbee Olmstead.

This is an important film, and an even more important discussion. Please join us Wednesday to learn, talk, and connect!

“Ninth Street Divide”The Film, The Panel
Wednesday, June 8
Doors open at 6, program starts at 6:30
IBEW Hall – 4315 Preston Highway
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