February 8 Follow-Up: Act Locally
Louisville, the Blue Dot
The club hosted Mayor Greg Fischer to talk about issues facing Louisville, including threats to local control from Frankfort. We also welcomed Metro Council Democratic Caucus Chair Bill Hollander and Jefferson County Democratic Party Chairman Russell Lloyd. Thanks to the old members, the new, and all our guests for making this a great meeting.
Louisville Leads the Way

“We’re not going to win elections by being Republican-light,” was Mayor Fischer’s message to the club. Louisville is the economic engine of the state and has lead the way in pulling us out of the recession. But we are being targeted right now by the state government to take powers away from our local government. With solidarity, however, we can fight and win.

Missed the Mayor’s talk? Click here to view the whole meeting on Facebook.

Take Action Right Now

“Be present as a Democratic Party,” and “Get to know a group that is being picked on.” Those were the two calls to action we left with.

Call Your Legislator
You can call your state senator and state representative and let them know what you think. This is especially helpful, of course, before the vote, rather than to be angry afterward. The main message line for the General Assembly is (800) 372-7181. Don’t worry, there’s no confrontation, and your message will be passed along to your legislator. Don’t know who it is? They will look it up for you. You can also look up your legislators’ information here, and you can call their offices directly to make your voice heard or set up an appointment.

Show Up
Go to Frankfort. Go to a rally. Go to a town hall. Be present as a Democratic party, and make your voice heard. Follow us on Facebook to keep up with the latest events. You should also follow The Ally Network’s community calendar here for when groups are meeting, and which rallies are planned for Frankfort.

Help a Group Being Picked On
We have to stand together to get through this. The Ally Network keeps a list of way more good, local organizations than oner person could help here. Here’s an abridged list of some that might be of interest. Many of these have national organizations, but the local groups need your support, too.

Next Actions

Tuesday, February 21 – 8:00 to 9:00 by phone – Louisville Showing Up for Racial Justice will host a phone workshop on the basics of anti-racism. Register here.

Wednesday, February 22 – 5:30 at 1501 Durrett Ln, 40213 – Jefferson County Democratic Party Executive Committee will hold its monthly meeting. Meetings are open to all Democrats.

Thursday, February 23 – 6:00 at 601 West Jefferson Street, Third Floor – Louisville Metro Council will hold its regular meeting. The Democratic Caucus of the Louisville Metro Council usually meets at 4:00, with the meeting announced a few days beforehand. Check the Caucus’s Facebook page here for the announcement. Several organizations will hold a rally outside at 5:00 for affordable housing before attending the council meeting. Click here for more information.

Save the Date

Wednesday, March 8 – 6:00 at IBEW Hall, 4315 Preston Highway, 40213 – Metro Democratic Club monthly meeting, which will host other local activist groups to discuss how we can work together.

Saturday, March 11 – 8:00 to 4:00 at 200 E Brandeis Ave, 40208 – The Louisville Women’s Political Caucus will host a campaign training seminar. Come learn new skills so you can contribute in 2018. Details here.

Tuesday, March 14 – 12:00 to 1:00 – Metro Dems monthly downtown lunch. Details to come.

Wednesday, March 22 – 5:30 at 1501 Durrett Ln, 40213 – Jefferson County Democratic Party Executive Committee will hold its monthly meeting. Meetings are open to all Democrats.

Tuesday, March 28Metro Dems, the Louisville neighborhood Democratic clubs, and Jefferson County Democratic Party Executive Committee will hold a special meeting with elected officials and grassroots organizers to identify precinct leaders. Details to come.

January 11 Follow-Up: Organizing and Activism

Democratic Unity, Democratic Action
Our first meeting of 2017 was a great success, filled with energy and ideas. Let’s take them and get to work!

What Does the Future Hold and What Can We Do?

We heard the county party is broke and the state party is broke. Rep. Joni Jenkins and Kirk Gillenwaters from the UAW discussed the procedures the Republicans used last week to assault women and working people. There’s going to be more to come.But Louisville is ready to work together. People who are on the state and county party executive committee came to talk about our way forward. Campaign workers and volunteers wanted to know what’s next. Representatives from Our Revolution, Forward Kentucky, Together We Will, unions, and other organizations came out to find out how we can work together. We are working to make necessary changes to strengthen the party. We need your energy and ideas, and, unfortunately, your money to grow and become the party that represents your values. Get involved!

Take Action Right Now

We showed that we are not alone, but now we need to act.
Thank You Steve Riggs
Kentucky has only one licensed abortion clinic, and now Republicans want to be sure nobody can use it. Email Rep. Steve Riggs, D-31, to tell him thanks for voting against SB5, the new law that prohibits abortions after 20 weeks. Rep. Riggs was one of only 15 House members to vote against the bill, and he is not a strong pro-choice legislator. He could have not voted or voted in favor, as the bill was sure to pass by a wide margin of Republicans. But he stood up for women across the state against an absurd and unconstitutional prohibition against abortion services. Join with Rep. Joni Jenkins in thanking Rep. Riggs for his support. Email him here.
Stop Your Tax Dollars from Hurting Workers
Louisville is a member of the Kentucky League of Cities, the Kentucky Association of Counties, Greater Louisville, Inc., and the Chamber of Commerce. These organizations supported and pushed the new laws gutting union rights and workers’ wages. Call or email your Metro Council member to say you want Louisville out of these organizations. Your tax dollars should not be spent lobbying in Frankfort against workers. Don’t know how? Click here to find out who your Metro Council member is and how to contact him or her.
Stay Informed
After ten years of service to the club, including two years as president and two years as vice president, Bruce Maples is stepping back from his leadership role to focus on his new venture: Forward Kentucky, a progressive voice for all of Kentucky. Bruce has been a leader for the club for a decade, and we encourage all members to support Forward Kentucky in its work to advance the Democratic agenda. Visit the website at ForwardKy.com, and follow it on Facebook. While you’re there, make sure you follow the Metro Dems.

Next Actions

Sunday, January 15 – 2:00pm at 1300 West Muhammad Ali Blvd, 40203 – Join Congressman Yarmuth(!) for Uncovered: The Consequences of Repealing the Affordable Care Act in Kentucky. It will be a forum with elected officials, health advocates, and Kentuckians who face losing their health care coverage if the Affordable Care Act and Kentucky’s Medicaid expansion are repealed. Sign up to go.

Monday, January 16 – 5:30pm at the Lang House, 115 S. Ewing Ave, 40206 – The League of Women Voters of Louisville will host the Jefferson County Legislative Delegation on January 16. The public is invited to attend. Dinner is at 5:30. No reservations required; donations accepted. Meeting is at 6:00.

Friday, January 20 – 11:00am to 1:00pm at KDP Headquarters, 190 Democrat Dr, Frankfort – Join top Kentucky Democratic Party leaders and Emerge Kentucky for a lunch fund-raiser on Inauguration Day to help feed the resistance. Suggested donation of $25 to KDP, Emerge and/or the Kentucky charity of your choice. Flyer availble here.

Saturday, January 21 – 10:00am to 12:00pm at Metro Hall, 527 W Jefferson St, 40202 – The Rally to Move Forward is the Louisville rally to coincide with the Women’s March on Washington. The rally will host speakers and musical entertainment, with the goal of helping people take positive action in our community. Sign up to attend.

Wednesday, January 25 – 5:30 at 1501 Durrett Ln, 40213 – Jefferson County Democratic Party Executive Committee will hold its monthly meeting. Meetings are open to all Democrats.

Friday, January 27 – 7:00pm to 10:00pm at 1501 Story Ave, 40206 – Support Americana Community Center and Kentucky Refugee Ministries by attending the Louisville Voices of Unity and Peace: Songs for Social Justice (cost: $10 per person), an evening of shared songs and stories that celebrate Louisville’s diversity, and create a platform for social action and equality. Americana Community Center is a South End institution supporting immigrant and refugee communities with educational, after-school, and health programs. Kentucky Refugee Ministries assists recent immigrants with finding housing, completing their paperwork, and becoming self-sufficient, integrated members of the community. Doors open at 7:00; music starts at 8:00. The event is child friendly. RSVP here.

Save the Date

Saturday, March 11 – all day at 200 E Brandeis Ave, 40208 – The Louisville Democratic Women’s Club will host a campaign training seminar. Come learn new skills so you can contribute in 2018. More details to come.

More Ways to Contribute

Our community needs you to do more. Election setbacks have caused Democrats to do soul searching, and so has the club. 2017 will focus on educating Democrats on how to be involved, and that starts with you.We are establishing the following committees for this year. Please choose just one, where you believe you have the most to contribute, and sign up!

Membership/Diversity – This committee will focus on recruitment and retention of members in order to turn disaffected Democrats into activists. To sign up, email Jamie McGhee.

Programming & Events/Food – Our monthly meetings provide a way to build community, inform ourselves, and prepare for action. This committee will plan the meeting content, with the goal not of putting butts in seats but boots on street. To sign up, email Daniel Grossberg.

Activism – You’ve signed up, and you’ve learned about what actions you can take, now take them. This committee will plan and execute actions to directly influence policy. To sign up, email Vitalis Lanshima.

Would You Like to Do More?

If you have ideas, share them! Contact club president Patty Stocker for more ways to be involved.

Congressman Awesome at Metro Dems!

YarmuthCasual-180x101Join us as we welcome our favorite Congress-person, John Yarmuth, for his annual visit to Metro Dems! This is always one of our largest and most-anticipated meetings, as the Congressman gives his honest, to-the-point assessment of the fall election, the situation in Washington, and general observations about what’s going on in politics in Kentucky and around the nation. Join us for this special evening!

IBEW Local, 4315 Preston Hwy,  40213

Doors open at 6:00 –– Program begins at 6:30

“Ninth Street Divide” – The Film, The Panel

This Wednesday, June 8th, we will be showing the locally-produced documentary “Ninth Street Divide.” Ninth Street is widely regarded as the physical manifestation of the barrier between the East and West ends of Louisville, where urban renewal in the 1960’s led to the rise of expressways and the demolition of African American-owned businesses. This documentary, from the Ky Place series (trailer), features Dana Duncan, Haven Harrington III, Joe Dunman, and Attica Scott discussing ways to reconnect our divided communities.

After the film, a panel of local leaders will lead us in a discussion of the Ninth Street divide, and how we can work together to build new bridges across it. The panel will consist of David JamesHaven Harrington, and Camille Barbee Olmstead.

This is an important film, and an even more important discussion. Please join us Wednesday to learn, talk, and connect!

“Ninth Street Divide”The Film, The Panel
Wednesday, June 8
Doors open at 6, program starts at 6:30
IBEW Hall – 4315 Preston Highway