Save the Date

Next Meeting – August 27th, 2014

Metro Dems will be hosting

Congressman John Yarmuth

We are excited that the Congressman is coming to speak to us about his re-election campaign and the current events in Washington, D.C. Join us in supporting a great local businessman and fine Congressional representative from Louisville and Kentucky.

For those memers whose time has come to renew, you have the opportunity to renew your commitment to Metro Dems that night at a discounted price or take advantage of a 2-1 option when registering a new member at the same time.

Don’t forget to mark you calendar for upcoming meetings and rallies!
September 10th – Labor Meeting
October 22nd – GOTV Rally

“We Will Win” Volunteer Competition

It’s that time of the season Metro Dems. Campaign time! And with the number of extrodinary candidates on the ballot this year, Metro Dems decided to host a volunteer competition to see whom among us is the most active volunteer. Our goal as a club is to reach 1,000 volunteer hours. There will be prizes for everyone that accrues ten or more hours with a grand prize to the person who completes the most hours.

To participate in this competition, log all hours spent on the campaign trail using the Google link below. It can be time spent on registering voters, canvassing, phone banks or stuffing envelopes. As long as it is work that directly benefits a campaign and is not being financed by the campaign it counts. Remember to include the campaign name at the bottom so that your hours are properly counted.

Best of Luck volunteering!

Volunteer Reporting